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Specialty OD Absorption Surface

E/A Trufin is a multipurpose commercial tube especially suited for absorption chillers and for applications with laminar flow on the shell side (or the annulus in double coil heat exchangers) like oil coolers. The outside surface is a three dimensional surface where designed to increase surface tension induced (Marangoni) convection in absorbers, both with and without additives. The tube also has a corrugated inner surface that improves the water side heat transfer coefficient. The special outside surface also acts as a turbulator for shell side flow and helps improve heat transfer in laminar flow.

This tube is manufactured with easy insertion into tube sheets and baffles in shell and tube heat exchangers. Due to the stringent cleanliness conditions for absorbers, both OD and ID residue levels are controlled within 0.03 grams of solid and organic residue per square foot of surface area. If specified by customer, the OD surface may be made wettable at an extra cost.
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