Galvatite DX56D+ZF Planilha

Wrought Low Carbon Steel

Fornecido por TATA STEEL

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Descrição do Produto
Galvatite has a corrosion-resistant coating that remains firmly attached to the steel under the most severe forming operations. It continues to give general and sacrificial protection to all areas after forming and fabrication. Other important advantages are shown opposite.

  • A range of surface finishes, including those for high-class paint requirements.
  • Close control of coating mass and alloy phase composition of the iron- zinc coatings minimises the risk of powdering during press forming.
  • Galvatite steel grades with forming potential similar to uncoated cold-reduced products.
  • The Galvatite range includes highly formable high-strength steels with minimum tensile strengths up to 460N/mm².
  • A range of weldable products.
  • Galvatite products supplied oiled and unpassivated are compatible with many of the phosphate and other pre-treatment processes in current use.
  • Passivated Galvatite products can be painted to give enhanced corrosion resistance in severe environments.
  • The presence of Galvatite under a paint film greatly improves the overall corrosion resistance of the finished product. It also reduces the incidence of under-film ‘creep' and scabbing.

Galvatite is available as ‘Galvatite Z', which has a pure zinc coating, or as ‘Galvatite ZF', which has an iron-zinc alloy coating. Galvatite ZF is ‘Galvanneal' and contains typically 8-12% iron in its coating. In this catalogue, references to Galvatite without the suffix Z or ZF refer to both the pure zinc and the iron-zinc alloy products.

Typical applications
  • Building and construction components
  • Steel framing
  • Automotive components and body panels
  • Tubes and sections
  • Racking and shelving
  • Domestic appliances and electrical goods
  • Components for agricultural machinery
Status do Material 
  • Comercial: Ativo
  • África & Oriente Médio
  • América do Norte
  • Ásia/Pacífico
  • Europa
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