AMETEK® Al-SiC C Planilha

Wrought Aluminum Alloy

Fornecido por AMETEK Specialty Metals Products

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Descrição do Produto
Al-SiC materials provide superior thermal management for high technology electronics applications in a lightweight, cost-effective material.

Al-SiC C is a composite material that combines Silicon Carbide particles in an Aluminum alloy matrix. It provides lightweight, high thermal conductivity and controlled thermal expansion.

AMETEK can supply Al-SiC in either plated or unplated versions to customer specifications.

Key Advantages
  • Superior thermal properties compared to other silicon carbide aluminum products.
  • Thermal expansion is closely controlled to match the components used in electronic packages.
  • Offered in both simple and complex fabricated shapes and in any variety of net shaped parts.
  • Cost-effective solutions for many thermal management problems.
  • Manufacturing process does not require a separate preform to produce the composite product.

Key Applications:
Al-SiC C is ideal for use in such electronic products applications as:
  • Chip mounting
  • Electronic packages
  • Circuit boards
  • Power supplies
  • Thermal spreaders
  • Lids and covers
Status do Material 
  • Comercial: Ativo
  • América do Norte
  • Ásia/Pacífico
  • Europa
Available Documents
Technical Datasheet (English)
Metals General
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Metal Type
Metals Physical
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Metals Mechanical
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Tensile Strength (Ultimate)
Metals Thermal
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Mean CTE (86 para 302°F)
Condutividade térmica
Metals Electrical
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Electrical Conductivity
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