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Wrought Iron Alloy

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Magnifer 50 is a soft-magnetic nickel-iron alloy with about 48 % Ni. It has a saturation induction of 1.55 T and high permeability. Magnifer 50 exhibits the highest saturation induction obtainable with a nickel-iron alloy.

Typical applications of Magnifer 50 are:
  • LF power transduters
  • Rotor and stator laminations
  • Chokes
  • Relay parts
  • Integrating current transformers for earth-leakage circuit breakers
  • Stepping motors
  • Magnetic valves
  • Shieldings

Magnetic properties
Magnifer 50 is produced in three variants to satisfy the requirements of different applications:

Magnifer 50 RG
After final heat treatment, Magnifer 50 RG exhibits a virtually isotropic, relatively fine-grained structure.

Magnifer 50 TG
By contrast, after final heat treatment Magnifer 50 TG exhibits a very coarse-grained, anisotropic structure with a grain diameter of a few millimetres. A typical feature of this structure is that the permeability values are particularly high, both in the direction of rolling of the strip and to some extent in transverse direction. The favourable magnetic properties of Magnifer 50 TG can be obtained at relatively low annealing temperatures.

Magnifer 50 T
After final annealing, Magnifer 50 T exhibits a pronounced cubic texture, resulting in an almost rectangular hysteresis loop with remanence of about 1.5 T. The ratio of remanence to saturation induction is then higher than 0.95. Table 1 lists limiting values for individual grades of the three variants. Besides these three main variants there are futher derived qualities.

Magnifer 50 RG-S
Special variations with specific magnetic properties lying between those of Magnifer 50 RG and Magnifer 50 TG can be manufactured if required, with due consideration of the subsequent conditions of further treatment.

Magnifer 50 MG
Strip of greater thickness (> 0.35 mm to approx. 3.2 mm) and bulk material in the other mill product forms are supplied in the quality Magnifer 50 MH.

Magnifer 50 MH-BSo
The variant Magnifer 50 MH-BSo is distinguished by increased corrosion resistance in a cyclic damp heat test. It is used e.g. for stamped parts with thicknesses > 0.5 mm.
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