Superior FORTAL® HP Datasheet

Wrought Aluminum Alloy

Supplied by Superior Die Set Corporation

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Product Description
FORTAL was originally developed to be used in the aerospace industry, and can be found whenever a structure is highly solicited and doesnÕt require a very high ratio of resistance/mass. This criteria becomes even more important when mechanical tooling, working under severe conditions and moving, must be slowed down or stopped with minimum energy (as in the structure of the wing of a plane). FORTAL offers remarkable machinability, high resistance to corrosion, and leads to increased productivity. Thus, it increases your competitiveness ! The two grades of FORTAL (HR - up to 100mm thickness and HP - from 100mm to 200mm thickness), offer the user the necessary properties in whichever thickness is needed. Consequently, the characteristics are guaranteed up to 200mm thickness since the mechanical properties are uniform throughout the cross section of the material. The modulus of elasticity is also of major importance, since the tooling is working under constant shocks. Since FORTALÕs modulus of elasticity is one third (Z\c) that of steel, it can absorb three times as much shock and vibration in its elastic phase, so it is simple to see why FORTAL works so well under shock and RARELY sustains any deformation. FORTAL is a high strength, lightweight, easy to machine alloy. Stronger than 1020 steels, FORTAL is an ideal material for all types of products and tooling. FORTAL is solution heat treated, stabilized, artificially aged and stress relieved by stretching.
Material Status 
  • Commercial: Active
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
Available Documents
Technical Datasheet (English)
Metals General
Nominal Value
Forms Available
Metal Type (Heat Treated)
Metals Type Analysis
Nominal Value
Type Analysis
Metals Physical
Nominal Value
Metals Mechanical
Nominal Value
Tensile Strength (Ultimate)
Tensile Strength (Yield), 0.2%
Hardness (HB-Scale)
Tensile Modulus
Metals Thermal
Nominal Value
Mean Specific Heat
Mean CTE (68 to 212°F)
Thermal Conductivity
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