Alpase M-1™ Datasheet

Cast Aluminum Alloy

Supplied by Alpase, Inc.

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Product Description
Aluminum Mold Plate - A Proven Product Developed For The Plastic And Molding Industries

Alpase introduced M-1 in 1988 as a high density, dimensionally stable, high strength (non-heat treated) aluminum plate. Its design was inspired by the growing high-temp plastic and mold industries.

M-1 has among the best elevated temperature properties available in aluminum. It is a cast product with uniform equiaxed grain structure making the properties uniform in all directions. More cost-effective than wrought aluminum and tool steel, M-1 lowers real-time production costs through machining advantages.

  • Injection Molding
    • M-1 aluminum is used for mold applications where 1 to 12 cavities are required. The faster cool-down rate of M-1 will increase productivity, tool steel molds have a much slower cool-down rate.
    • M-1 aluminum molds are approximately one-third of the cost of tool steel molds. It is more cost-effective to make engineering changes with M-1 aluminum molds than reworking tool steel or wrought alumunum alloys. -- Wrought alloys must be rough-machined because of the material softness, heat treated to the required hardness and reset for the final machine process. With M-1 this costly process is eliminated.
  • Structural Foam Molding - Dimensional stability and uniform hardness of M-1 is ideal for structural foam molding.
  • R.I.M. Molding - Proven high thermal fatigue properties of M-1 aluminum mold plate make it the number one choice for R.I.M. molding.
  • R.T.M. Molding - Unique combination of hardness, thermal fatigue resistance, polishability and weldability has made M-1 the specified choice for R.T.M. molds.
  • Rubber Molds - From simple mat molds to sophisticated aero-space parts, the dense grain structure in combination with dimensional stability, make M-1 your number one choice.
  • Blow Molding - M-1 is best used for blow molding due to it's high Brinell hardness and high thermal conductivity.
Material Status 
  • Commercial: Active
  • North America
Available Documents
Technical Datasheet (English)
Metals General
Nominal Value
Forms Available
Metal Type
Metals Physical
Nominal Value
Metals Mechanical
Nominal Value
Tensile Strength (Ultimate)
Tensile Strength (Yield), 0.2%
Tensile Elongation (Break)
Hardness (HB-Scale)
Tensile Modulus
Metals Thermal
Nominal Value
Mean CTE (68 to 392°F)
Thermal Conductivity
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